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Purify your body and spirit by booking a Yoga class with Jo.

Yoga is the perfect way to relieve stress, feel relaxed and connect with your inner divine. It will help you to find a moment of bliss and leave you feeling fulfilled and revitalised.

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"My experience was transcendent and I was able to remove my mental self from my surrounding, which for me, is no easy feat & unlike other yoga classes where the physical aspect is the focus, I was connected to the spirituality and meditative focus that draws you into the purest form of Yoga itself. The lighter feeling received after a Pure Joga class lingers on long after and throughout the day"

Miss Lushington - Classes attended One to One


"Pure Joga's class was so relaxing it was the 'Me Time' everyone should have. Jo is so friendly, she takes you through the different yoga poses really explaining the benefits of each, which I loved."

Suzie Shehab - Class attended Corporate Yoga @ Elizabeth Arden


"My partner and I had the pleasure of having Jo come to our home and perform a personalized yoga session with us both.

Jo reached out to us prior to the lesson to ask if there were any particular intentions we had for the lesson.  The flow and meditation planned by Jo was carefully considered and composed of postures and words that our body and mind welcomed.

The thing I loved most about Jo's style of teaching yoga, was her focus on consciousness and listening to the heart. It didn't seem to matter that neither of us were practiced yogis, but more that we were learning and experimenting with our bodies and movement. 

We felt very calm and quiet within once the class ended and enjoyed meaningful conversation with Jo after regarding her intentions for practicing yoga and how we can improve in our own practice."

The Smiths - Class attended Couples One to One